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Madame Moonflower

It’s been a long road to persuade Madame Moonflower to grace the medicine, meditation and mountain view garden but She blooms at last!

Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii), coaxed forth from seed collected in January, is finally blooming.

A few days late for full moon but still a heavenly perfume in the dawn.

Pollinators are loving the flowers.

The Swallow of my ancestry and nomadic nature, draws vision from Madame Moonflower‘s magic where She graces my right shoulder.

There’s a story here: the swallow ink was done in Cape Town down near the docks A Very Long Time Ago.

Many years later and in another country, to commemorate my half century, I added to the skin story. The tattoo artist edited my drawing, inserting a hibiscus. When I corrected her, it was obvious this pale Seattle lady, who looked like she had never seen the sun, had never seen a moonflower.

She also felt that white ink would not show up on my skin. Thus we have a pink moonflower - more angel’s trumpet than creamy white, sacred bloom of the moon.

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