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Towards food sovereignty

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

What’s on the table? This mornings harvest is chard, okra, Royal Burgundy beans and tomatoes.

The tomatoes are splitting from the recent abundant monsoon rain.

These ingredients will make a tomato, garlic, basil vegetable sauce, warmed with a chile or two from the Milagro Chile pantry out front.

It is served over crispy grilled Hopi blue corn polenta from a previous season’s harvest of Hopi Blue corn. A tray of polenta was made yesterday and left to chill in the refrigerator overnight. Today I pan grilled it with a dash of olive oil, just long enough to make it deliciously crispy on the outside. If there is a braai/barbecue rack, polenta grilled over coals is lovely.

Apart from a small amount of olive oil, all the ingredients for today’s main meal are home grown in this Chihuahuan desert garden.

Cook’s note: for those averse to slimy food: I have discovered that the acidity of tomatoes tends to reduce okra’s slime habit. I do not really have enough okra for it to be an issue in today’s concoction anyway.

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