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Root down and rise up: yoga of germination

The tepary beans (Phaseolus acutifolius) I am growing as a partner gardener for Native Seed Search are beginning to germinate by July 5th: 4 days since sowing the seeds.

Weather: humid, warm (nineties high) monsoon season sultry, but no actual rain (fingers crossed every day) since sowing.

I have been giving the seedbeds a can of rainwater from the catchment barrels once daily.

Major threat at the moment: neighborhood cats wanting to use seed beds as litter box. A dusting of ground cayenne pepper urges the felines to go elsewhere.

No pressure, babes, but these magic little sprouts carry a huge responsibility to produce seed for the seed bank and next year’s farmers.

Right now there’s utter perfection in the design and form as they push through the earth, unbending into light: rooting down, rising up. It’s all yoga. #6thavenueshala

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