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Bathroom project update

Finally I’m nearing completion on The Bathroom Project.

After 20 years of collecting Mexican tiles and a year and twenty days of outsourcing my bathing needs to hotsprings bathhouses, lakes, rivers and campsites, I am able to soak for the first time in an indoor bath tub in my own house.

The plumbing outlet pipe still leaks a bit. Sigh.

Plumbing is so not my superpower.

The acrylic clawfoot tub was purchased online and was remarkably easy to assemble. I even followed the instructions which were clear, if slightly flawed linguistically.

The bathroom looked like this before. Horrible. I started taking off the wall tiles in early March 2023.

The shower pan reincarnated as a sand bathing pit for a neighbour’s chickens. Then I broke my arm.

Designing tile layout could be done one handed on the floor but actual tiling was delayed. It’s really hard when there’s no grip or mobility in a hand and wrist.

After initial frustration at the impediment to this bathroom renovation endeavour, I adapted and became accustomed to outsourcing my bathing needs, losing incentive to finish the project. Above one of the outdoor tubs at The Hoosier which, though beautifully renovated by new ownership, has disappointingly priced itself out of my hotsprings soaking budget.

Below two of the east tubs Charles Hotsprings Motel my favourite bathhouse, also beautifully and lovingly renovated and still very affordable for regular soaks.

Living in a town full of beautiful bathhouses really sets the bar for a bathroom renovation quite high.

OR provides inspiration.

I’m really good at beginning things. My work at this time is to finish some of those things begun.

The garden appreciates my soaking tub water, though I’m now imagining an outdoor solar heated shower area. Talking about starting things…

It’s all just chopping woods and carrying water. In the end.

In my end is my beginning

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