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La Casa De Colores

Saturday brunch: garlicky, spicy beet hummus on Hopi blue corn cakes (2017 harvest from my first Milagro cornfield garden the the Four Corners area) with parsley and sunflower seeds.

Cooled off with mango kulfi sprinkled with mint and local Caballo pecans.

For the kulfi I blended chopped mango (in season in my grocery store), ground cardamom and coconut milk then froze it in portion size mason jars. The Indian cooking blogger I follow called for sweetened condensed milk and cream. India has a super sweet tooth, in my experience. My kulfi isn’t as rich, sweet or creamy as it would be had I not eliminated the sugar and dairy by substituting coconut milk. I used a can (which I keep on hand for coconut curries).

Also made enough corn cakes for padkos for tomorrow’s wildflower hike.

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