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Snowpocalypse : winter storm Ebony.

At the tail end of 2018: snowpocalypse. 

It started with just waking to Having to dig myself a path out of the eyrie December 27th. 

Half my library staff didn’t make it to work but I offered free hot chocolate and hot apple cider for anyone who did make it into the library that days.

Then it continued to snow.

And snow.

And snow.

Seriously. 32 inches in 24 hour. The entire village was on lockdown. The county sheriffs ordered everyone to stay inside. Not evebttry getting on the roads, no matter the vehicle.

On day 3, I begin digging my way out of the eyrie. 

All one can hear in the neighborhood is the scrape of snow shovels.

I keep being sabotaged by avalanches launched at me from the snow laden trees. Fortunately Ibaked almond flour shortbread for tea breaks. 

Shoveling snow this deep (thigh high on my neighbor who is a tall man) is hard work - even this fluffy powdery dry New Mexican snow. 

Grateful it isn’t heavy and wet 

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