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What a lot I got!

June back garden update: hoping for rain, I toured the back garden under stormy skies.

The spineless opuntia is covered in buds! Yay! prickly pear fruit and some nice pads forming for nopales salads and stir fries.

Birds and wind sowed sunflowers everywhere and mostly I’m letting them grow up as shade during summer’s harshest days.

Cosmos and Hopi Red Dye amaranth - a source of cochineal free red food coloring - have volunteered all over amongst the potatoes and chickpea.

They are welcome and go well with bright yellow calendula (for salve) and coriander flowering now.

The black sweet corn (Midnight Snack) is just starting to flower behind Ganesha - can’t wait to savor dark purple sweet corn. It’s a shorter stubby corn variety so I’m not surprised at signs of flowers at 3-4 ft height.

Lima Beans and cowpeas are germinating in the spaces left by garlic harvest.

What a lot I got! (Okay that’s for people of a certain age and nationality probably go over the heads of most waMerikans and definite cultural insensitivity/stereotyping in that particular old advert from seventies I’m guessing. The tag line was enduring, however)

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