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Desert archaic upgrade

First wooden window renovation achieved.

Took 3 days wherein I had to reinstall windows each night to stop the sub zero desert night from climbing in through the hole in the kitchen wall and getting comfy in the shala.

Finally I got to install the dinky little reproduction solid brass window clasps which I ordered way back in 2019 soon after it became clear that custodianship of #6thavenueshala had been awarded me. Back then I thought window restoration would be my first task. Oh ha to the ha ha on that one. Establishing a living food pantry took care of most of my time in my first year living in the shala.

Also installed a brass bolt to lock the window.

No more nailed and painted closed kitchen window.

No more poetic desert archaic weathered wood.

One down, eight more to go.

I think I’m going to wait until slightly longer days and warmer nights before attempting the next window. At least now I have practical experience after 18 months of reading about wooden window restoration.

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