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Glorious morning

A sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) offered up a flower today revealing its Morning Glory family.

Apparently I’m not meant to let them flower.

These are, I think, Okinawan sweet potato vines familiar to me from Hawaii. I hope they going to produce the brown skin, purple starburst with white fleshed u’ala tubers to provide for winter meals. But the treasure, if it happens, is still unknown and underground.

I also have two patches of what I believe are going to be Murasaki sweet potatoes - purple skin/ white flesh. Planted from grocery store tubers which sprouted.

I watch the night time low temperature predictions, as it seems the tubers are not going to be happy when it dips below 45 degrees (F). I will harvest the day before that happens. Then curing has to happen.

I’m not experienced at all at growing u’ala (sweet potatoes) in this climate. In Hawaii one didn’t worry about freezing, but harvested when vines turned yellow.

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