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An early morning foraging in the living pantry yielded a nice haul of heirloom purple tomatillos, a cayenne pepper, okra, a couple of dried cowpea pods and a green tomato.

The only casualty of last night’s storm winds was the Amish pink brandywine heirloom tomato vine which took quite a wind beating.

This wrinkled green babe, rescued from a broken vine, might just get cooked up in a saucy stir fry for tonight’s meal. I was looking forward to the pink brandy wines which was planted late so had born ripe fruit yet. But, oh well. Damage to the garden was minimal overall, one or two okra look a bit leaned on by a gaff slump but will probably recover and this snapped off tomato vine. We had some couple of hours of soaking rain (yes the hacienda roof leaked) and nice lightening and thunder energetic recharging.

Temperatures today are a good 35 - 40 degrees lower than the past week. I’m feeling the sudden chill in arthritic fingers and toes. #6thavenueshala

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