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So Not the Savanna Syndrome

The kerb appeal project is coming on, though it still needs a few season’s growth to really be sensational.

The site slopes. Rocks and a variety of grasses, shrubs and native flowering annuals have been placed to hold the sandy earth when the wind blows, or the monsoons come.

The shrubs have been selected for ability to do without a lot of water, flowers and size. There’s a mountain view frimt the front porch which Iwould like to preserve .

Today the Southwest native Chilopsis linearis (Desert Willow) planted last autumn, is offering a handful of pink flowers.

The Caesalpinia gilliesii (Desert Bird of Paradise) also planted last autumn, came up with three showy yellow blooms and is already making seeds.

Of the five clumps of Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca) scattered through the area, only one put up a spray of blooms this year, but that arc provides drama enough foregrounding the Milagro Cornfield.

Apparently hummingbirds lik both Caesalpinia gilliesii and Hesperaloe. I haven’t noticed any, but then I’m not often watching the street.

Just a reminder of what the area looked like before.

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