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Scatterlings of stardust

The hacienda has farolitos/luminarias on this Christmas Eve.

Inside Silver Girl is decked out, as usual, in her everyday Christmas Tree style, sprinkling stardust at the entrance.

Silver Girl, the roommate from heaven, likes Christmas Tree style, perpetually wraps herself about in a string of stars the better to wish upon.

It's better this way. Time was she liked to a hang out stark naked at the glass front door, inviting totally the wrong sort.

Yes I do have kente cloth. Genuine, hand woven, antique, kente cloth. And I had it long before 2020 made kente cloth a tad infamous (in the USA). One of the treasures of my African fabrics collection.

Stars are perennial in the perpetual soirée of ghosts in the gathering room. Pink porch light ditto.

Happy Christmas from the #6thavenueshala

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