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Rewards of moonlighting

Good to see that the night pollinators have been doing their moonlight work.

At least three swelling calabash can be found under dense foliage on the Lagenaria siceraria (aka Bushel Basket Gourd in USA though it has origins in the African calabash plant, the Hawaiian ipu plant).

It is early days yet, but I am hoping to harvest some gourds to create decorated storage containers and bowls.

The plants continue to be super vigorous and super adventurous, expanding into a large area of backyard real estate..

Next year I think I need to build a structure across the cement area for growing vining things such as these - make use of that currently non-productive, backyard real estate.

That would also give cooling, shaded cover in the hot months and not prohibit current main use which is dawn yoga.

The notebook of winter infrastructure projects is growing.

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