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Producing purple

This morning’s harvest is pretty purple.

Royal Burgundy beans, an ear of Japonica corn and blue potatoes.

The potatoes and beans are steamed, then tossed with avocado, unsun dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice for lunch.

The ear of corn, perhaps harvested a little early (ah my impatience) was very tasty straight off the cob after brief steaming.

Although Japonica is a grinding corn, I plan to eat some ears green for the delicious nutty flavor.

As the name implies, Japonica corn evolved in Japan from Native American flint corn introduced to Japan by Portuguese in the 1500s. The seed catalogue promised variegated leaves with pink, white and green striping.

Not much of my Japonica patch shows any real variegation, though I picked this corn for that promise of decorative foliage.

The tassels are pretty, however, and mostly a dark burgundy.

I didn’t get super pretty plants but it looks like I am going to be harvesting some delicious, chewy, dark purple corn to eat within the next few weeks.

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