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By the light of the dying embers of 2020, a refreshed front screen door was finally achieved .

The screen needed to be replaced as it had holes in it and was pulling away from the trim at the bottom.

Everything was sanded then painted.

New old thrift store/junkyard handles, were installed.

Outside: a repurposed spoon (Thankyou to my Navajo friend, teacher of old NDN tricks, who drilled the holes for me, a few years ago)

Inside: a vintage green glass treasure.

I was intending to use new trim, but the local hardware store was closed so, in the spirit of 2020 pandemic quarantine make-doing, I used the old trim, slightly split, and reused the old panel pins.

With the way the desert preserves wood, I am thinking this refreshed screen door will last a good while. Probably outlast me and become my heir’s decision to refresh/replace. #6thavenueshala

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