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Partner Gardener

Took a little road trip to Tucson at the tail end of June to fetch this small handful of seed bank Sonoran White Tepary beans (Phaseolus acutifolius).

As a partner gardener with Native Seed Search I must return 5x the number of seed I received to the seed bank in November.

Planted my allocation in two different sections of the garden on July 1st, under dark, thundery skies heralding the beginning of monsoon season: the traditional time for planting these little beans which are indigenous to Southwest USA and northern Mexico.

So happy to be able to contribute a tiny bit to preserving biodiversity and ensuring continuity of heritage foods. Fingers crossed for a good season and lots of beans.

The local felines wasted no time investigating as is evidenced by the footprints all over the newly planted seed bed. #6thavenueshala

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