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Little sister

Painted Mountain rainbow (grinding) corn has a little sister.

The first ears of Painted Hill sweet corn were harvested today, having recovered from a monsoon deluge just when they were tasseling.

Curiously, I notice bees loving the tassels on this stand of corn, even though corn is wind pollinated. Like Painted Mountain, the stalks and tassels vary in colour from deep burgundy through yellow to white. The kernels, however, of this first batch of ears picked today are quite pale, not the rich, vibrant rainbow colours of the Painted Mountain. Perhaps because they are young? A creamy white seems to dominate.

Lightly steamed: chewy, not too sweet, very tasty. I would like to try these prepared in a traditional way: cooked in the outer husks over coals. It’s just been too hot to want to make a fire.

A few days before the big storm, above.

The morning after the storm, below. They did a good job of recovering.

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