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Let there be garlic

Continuing my tradition (all of one year old) of planting garlic on Halloween, the first of the new season’s sowing went into the earth today in glorious, warm sunshine.

Three bulbs, or around 3/4 of a lb, filled the section prepared so far. I reserved eight bulbs from the 2021 harvest for seed, so still have other areas to prepare for the remaining five bulbs of just over 1 lb.

The fair weather we have been having this October, and relatively warm nights still mostly in fifties, mean the pollinators continue to find nectar in the flowers. I am reluctant to clear too much of summer’s blooming chaos, until I absolutely have to, or it gets killed by freezing temperatures.

For the first time, I am also planning a winter planting of shallots this year. Awaiting a package of two different types of shallot seed bulbs to arrive in the mail. I have never grown shallots before but since garlic does so well and most of the garden is empty during winter, I thought to try a new crop which promises to be ready early in the season before there’s much else to harvest, and which keeps well. Farmer’s Market in mind, you think? Maybe.

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