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Kitchen alchemy: plant spray

One of this week’s kitchen alchemical projects (there are several ongoing): garlic spay for the kitchen view garden cowpeas, which are showing signs of aphid (I think) infestation especially on the buds and emerging pods.

I used a simple recipe:

  • purée raw garlic and water,

  • allow to marinate 24 hours,

  • strain to remove purée,

  • decant to random spray bottle.

It’s the first time I’ve made this all natural, organic, anti fungal, anti microbial insecticide spray. i have enough garlic from this year’s harvest and it’s a great way to use the small cloves.

Some recipes I found call for dish soap. I kept it super simple, zero additives.

If one isn’t using all one made at once, it does need to be refrigerated and will last about a week if stored this way, according to the great authority of the internet.

Another tip from same wisdom source: spray in evening when plants are dry. I sprayed in the morning, a couple of hours after sunrise, on a non-watering day. We are currently experiencing a heat wave of daily low 100s, with low humidity (no monsoons building) and not really experiencing morning dew for long after sunrise.

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