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Happy Hoppy Lunar New Year

This new moon we greet a feminine, yin Year of Water Rabbit.

The four colour card used the rabbit block carved in 2011, and in keeping with my current explorations of multi colour prints, added carving of an additional three blocks for the colours.

Cards were mailed out with international addresses going some three weeks ago, domestic a week since. Though I've only heard from one household, I trust the Leporid couriers of greetings and blessings find their ways across the world and to your hearths and lives.

The ailing United States Postal Service in my area failed to produce the Year of the Rabbit postage stamps in time, though the design promises to be very beautiful. Sorry. I tried. Bah humbug to local USPS for "we have no idea when we will get them" response to my queries while standing next to posters saying stamps will be available from January 12th. First job of management is planning (anticipation). Mediocrity in the oligarchy. Uhhuh.

A limited number of kitchen towels were also printed to offer at farmers market yesterday. I have two rabbit printing blocks.

Both designs, in a variety of colours, hopped off happily to new homes in spite of the horrible, bitterly cold and blustery windy weather which tried to whisk some mermaid cloths off into the Rio Grande, and certain "But what are they? What do you do with them?" comments. Ugh! Imagination obviously didn't get out of bed in certain households yesterday..

Fortunately in most it did. Several Sacred Ibis and snake cloths found new homes too. I call this design Zanzibar.

May all beings be blessed with peace and contentment.

Greetings from the old goat.

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