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Grow your own

Since early March, have been growing, harvesting and drying calendula, lavender and bee balm flowers with a plan to make soothing, healing salves.

Finally I had about half a cup of dried matter for each flower, and, though I wanted jojoba oil, I found almond oil in my local grocery store. I could have used olive oil, which is what I use for my chaparral salve. Flower essences are subtle, however and olive oil can dominate. Creosote bush used for chaparral salve is a robust essence, holding it’s own assertively, when paired with olive oil.

After week of essence infusion, using the Chihuahuan desert August sun to fire the process, I strained each one, added beeswax and shea butter.

Kitchen alchemy:

3 different healing salves to add to the apothecary. If I ever get to do an art/craft market again.

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