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First light

Sunrise is easing later each day but early mornings are still my favourite time of day.

Today I noticed a lot of purple flowers in the street view.

The Painted Mountain milagro corn has been succeeded by Arikara yellow beans for drying, planted 15 July. This heirloom, dried bean variety originally came from the Arikara nation, native peoples of the old Dakota Territory

Apparently Arikara Yellow was the variety of bean collected by the Lewis and Clark expedition and grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.

I have fingers crossed that the season will be long enough to allow for dried beans. It is always a gamble with the first frost date being a moving target which we won’t know until we get there and by that time it’s too late to do any different. This is the first year I am sowing for an autumn garden but after studying the Climate data and researching seed varieties, I decided to dive in.

Of course early mornings are also Madame Moonflower’s time, when her perfume is sweetest.

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