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Edible loveliness

Hemerocallis (Day Lillies) are budding and blooming.

Apparently all parts of the plant are edible from tubers, first spring leaf growth to buds (can be pickled) and blossoms.

I think I will leave these first golden yellow blooms to brighten up the garden, where they were planted out from the pots they inhabited last season.

These particular clumps of Stella de Oro hemerocallis were rescued from an end of season sale at the big box store on the hill. Apparently the Stella de Oro variety of hemerocallis was created around 1975 - and is a season long bloomer.

It seems that they are happy in their situation sheltering under the mesquite tree.

Other varieties/colours of hemerocallis are not looking quite so exuberant in the back forty. Poor soil, lack of water and heat may be factors there. #6thavenueshala

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