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Dutch apple pancake

It's apple harvest season here. I scored a huge basketful from an ancient, over 100 year old orchard in the nearby old silver mining town of Kingston (pop 32 according to 2010 census, down from almost 2000 in the 1880s). Not Kingston, Jamaica unfortunately though I did use some cardamom spice in remembrance.

A recipe for something called Dutch apple pancake, cooked in a cast iron skillet caught my attention a few days ago.

Working with the basic idea of sauté/caramelize apple pieces in the cast iron skillet on stovetop, pour a pancake batter over the apple, bake in hot oven, I made some vegan adjustments for brunch today. Top was sprinkled with coconut sugar and cinnamon before baking.

The other 999 apples have been chopped, stewed with spices and bottled for apple bread, apple muffins, apple pancakes, applesauce or apple whatever in the coming months.

No I don't know why it's called a Dutch pancake but it did go well with Ethiopian coffee. Anyone out there care to enlighten me?

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