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Dreaming in watermelon: angel food

"When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what angels eat." Mark Twain

Watermelon block party happening now on the western edge.

These are Early Crimson Treat - a smaller, round variety with green and white skin and red flesh.

Planted early May, If nothing goes wrong, I’m expecting ripe melons late July into August.

My first time ever of growing watermelon, I was interested to discover that the ancestry of this quintessential American summer fruit, is traced to Africa.

I am loving these expansive vines which seem to epitomize curiosity and exploration

To the passing rude lady in April who said ”My god! you've dug up the lawn” when I was working in this area: yes, I dug up the front lawn. For this.

Though, in all honesty, to say the area was lawn is a very generous interpretation of the term. It was a wasteland of desert dust and evil Tribulus terrestris aka goatshead thorns. which beasties still need serious disciplining in pathway areas.

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