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Catch of the day: Caribbean dreaming.

Caribbean Fusion brunch today.

The meal was largely based on what the early morning harvest delivered into the kitchen: carrots, fava beans, a whole lot of chard, cilantro (dahnia) and two early green chile.

The chard was prepared Jamaican ital callaloo style with ginger, hot chile pepper,garlic, cumin and coriander then served on a caraway almond flour flatbread from the batch I made yesterday. Steamed fava beans, Haitian style pikliz, raw carrot sticks and the recent kitchen alchemical invention of beet hummus completed the plate.

This was accompanied by a cooling glass of mango lassi created by blending fresh mango (currently in season in my grocery store), goat milk yoghurt and cardamom.

Viva la vida!

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