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And the children in the appletree

When I purchased this amaryllis (Apple Blossom) back in mid October 2019, I asked it to bloom for solstice, meaning mid-winter. I wanted flowers in the darkest days of lowest light.

Obviously my communications were not clear. Obedient Amaryllis Apple Blossom bloomed for winter solstice, inside, but has also decided 2020 warrants an extraordinary blooming and has made a magnificent summer solstice offering.

I did everything the Allknowing Intelligence of a search engine on the internet told me to do in order to have amaryllis flowers the next winter: as soon as it was consistently above 50 degrees (F), I repotted the three bulbs I had, and stashed them in a semi shaded position under the cottonwood.

The Allknowing Intelligence told me they would grow, die back and then could be repotted for winter indoors. Nowhere did the Allknowing Intelligence mention blooming in midsummer.

Oh well we’ve all seen those memes about 2020 and the year’s ahem! somewhat unhealthy crush on the divinities of Chaos.

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