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Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

Kitchen alchemy: transforming 6lbs of carrots, four cabbages, 1lb of beetroot, Utah ancient sea salt, various herbs and spices into live, probiotic food for the next few months.   

Now the waiting, as my first forays as an apprentice fermentista bubble, burp and seethe their way to maturity on a kitchen shelf along with the nimbu ka achar and pickled yellow ginger of a few week’s back. 

If humans are just an ambulatory alimentary canal, I intend to cultivate a really healthy human. #letfoodbeyourmedicine #letfoodbethymedicineandmedicinebethyfood

My inspiration: the Oregon fermentistas, Kristen and Christopher Shockey’s Fermented Vegetables . They of the Fiery Ferments title so dear to my heart and palate. 

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