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Tagetes are native to the Americas, growing naturally from the southwestern United States into South America, but some species have become naturalized around the world. The musky scented, sun loving plants are great companions in the garden, deterring pests and soil nematodes (bad guys). The leaves can be used as a culinary herb in place of tarragon, the petals brighten any dish as an edible flower, and flowers can make a plant dye in the yellow/gold/mustard/brown range depending on mordant. This seed is harvested in the Garden of Earthly Delights in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and will probably result in18-24 inch tall plants with orange, brown or yellow flowers, depending on how the pollinators distributed their love. Plants could be shorter Flowers could vary in colour. Seeds are packaged in individually block printed 2 inch by 3 inch manilla seed envelopes.

Tagetes (Marigold) seed

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