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A vigorous climber reaching height of 12 foot, Lablab purpureus is often called Hyacinth bean and loves full sun and something to climb on. The plant produces beautiful sprays of purple pea flowers much adored by pollinators, especially fuzzy buzzy bumble bees, followed by stunning purple pods which are wonderful in stir fried when young, even though they turn a muddy green after cooking. Lablab purpureus is native to Africa and cultivated throughout the tropics for food (where it is sometimes called Dolichos bean) but generally treated as an ornamental and n North America. The seed is harvested from the Garden of Earthly Delights in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and packaged in individually hand block printed 2inch by 3 inch manilla seed envelopes.

Lablab purpureus (Hyacinth bean) seed

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