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Welcome Yellow Scrambler

Janis truck and I went on a date at Caballo lake with a 29 year old at the tail end of April (last Friday).

A 1992 Scrambler by Ocean Kayak came into my life this week.

She had been under a house for a while when I brought her home Wednesday, but a bit of a scrub cleaned her up and I am relieved to establish that, in spite of a few scars, she doesn’t seem to take on water.

I wasn’t sure about the integrity of her hull.

There was a bit of wind on the lake reminding me how much I miss the liveliness of ocean paddling and also give me the experience once again, of the exquisite engineering of Tim Niemier’s original sit-on-top designs.

This water horse is a beautiful ride.

Those who know me from the Hawaiian days might remember my passion for rescuing Ocean Kayak vessels. Seems I still have it in me.

Grateful to all the past people who have kept this 29 year old under cover and protected from UV damage, and to her most recent guardian who so generously gifted her to me.

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