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Vote. Please.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Made my mark for democracy in the world today, then wandered downtown in beautiful golden sunshine a bit, trailing fingers and eyes through treasures in various vintage and thrift shops which I haven’t visited for a while.

Two handmade silver trinkets were invited to come home with me: a tiny bird bead with turquoise inlay (such nimble fingered craftsmanship) and a stamped burro pin for my hat.

Democracy only works if you participate. I have lived in places without democratic government. Disenfranchisement and/or authoritarianism is horrible.

Please vote in this election if you are a US citizen. Our lives literally depend on who gets to make laws and decisions for us about our bodies and spirits. Life and death, truth and falsehood is on the ballot in the USA this election season.

Vote. Please.

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