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Vegan gourmet

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

A sprawling grape tomato vine fronting the house made way this morning for an autumn garden pea (Pisum sativum 'Maestro’) planting.

The seed dates back 5 years, purchased in support of a four corners dream of a community garden. I’m hoping the seed is still viable. I am the first to admit it hasn’t been stored in the best conditions whilst the business of growing food was neglected as I offered up those last few years to the ending whimper of a professional career.

The tomato vine, about half of the vine in this picture, had to go because it was taking up way too much valuable food garden real estate. It was also not earning its keep, producing insignificantly. Maybe because, in my ignorance, I failed to prune and nurture it properly early in the season. I did, however, glean a bowl of fruit from the sacrificed vine

This translated into inspiration for today’s main meal.

Okra crisps, roasted cherry tomatoes and crispy farinata aka socca, a chickpea (garbanzo to some) flour flatbread which I made on a cast iron comal in the oven.

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