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Up and Over

A little road trip over the lightly snow covered Black Range helped a little with my midwinter, travel starved cabin fever.

On the other side of the mountains, in Silver City, I treated myself to a belated birthday brunch at the newly opened, vegan friendly Enjoy The Journey cafe on Yankie Street in the historic downtown.

I was early, of course, arriving just as the cafe opened so got pick of tables. Of course I chose to sit in the best seat in the house: a two top in the sunny plate glass window, surrounded by potted cacti, (possibly Echinopsis pachanoi) to enjoy my watermelon juice and admire the new incarnation of life in this lovely old art deco building.

The style is eclectic, comfortable, repurposed, mismatched, creative and appropriate for this arty college town set about by the stunning natural beauty of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness and Gila National Forest.

The menu too, at Enjoy the Journey, is appropriately creative, vegan friendly and wholesome.

I chose a whole grain sandwich filled with mushroom, sun dried tomato, red onion, sauerkraut and cashew cheese spread, with hand cut sweet potato fries and watermelon juice. The chef made me a special spicy tahini dipping sauce. It was all unbelievably delicious, all the better perhaps for its rarity. May this cafe thrive and survive for a long long time.

It is so hard to get good vegan food in my neighborhood. No self respecting and authentic Mexican cook is going to hold back on the lard.

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