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Sunday night in the monsoon season

A monsoon storm in the Chihuahuan desert. It started with the emergency alerts and a sky growing increasingly darker late afternoon.

The storm wrecked havoc in the garden, (lost the Queen of sunflowers) turned my street into a roiling river and flooded downtown and many businesses quite drastically. While the hacienda and I fared reasonably well, being near a crest of a hill, others had to be rescued by backhoe when a small dam burst and the flood waters and silt poured into that section of town burying vehicles and undermining building foundations.

Reports seem to be that we had over 5.5 inches of rain in 40 minutes. Annual average rainfall is generally given as between 9-11 inches.

Of course the hacienda roof leaked. In 3 places. After all the reroofing I have had done.

During the storm we received notice from our local government, amongst many road closures and pleas to keep out of downtown, that we could collect a fill sandbags from a venue which turned out to be flooded and that the sewer system had flooded.

What do you expect when half the town is built on a swamp within the flood plane? Rumor has it that the Rio Grande crested.

A second emergency alert was sent out telling us to stay off the streets, not to travel because of flooded arroyos.

So how was your Sunday evening? #6thavenueshala

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