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Spring things push against their fetters

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Spring equinox, Holi and the full worm (or crow) moon came. High winds took out infrastructure which is essential for my home internet for a bit there. Apologies for the hiatus in posts to this blog.

The almond is in full bloom now with bees burying themselves a thousand kisses deep.

The Santa Rosa plums are not far behind.

Maybe this is the year I will get some plums.

A volunteer, or last season survivor, Fava bean has flowers. I love the way some plants just decide to persist or exist in this garden.

Iris buds are swelling at the front path.

Alliums outback are showing promise too - such a lovely gooseneck there.

The first potatoes show themselves through the soil.

Beets too. These are Detroit Reds from seed sown about a month ago. Still no sign of the multicolored ones.

Garlic stands strong. It’s my third year, now, of growing garlic at the 6th Avenue Shala . This is Inchelium Red, seeded from last year’s harvest: around 1lb planted Halloween 2021.

Shallots, also sown last November, have deigned to show up (at last) in defined, spidery rows, in spite of the wind having stolen all their mulch.

I played Holi in the garden, with polar bears and purple ladies, to mark the spring festival. Instead of tossing coloured dye around, I planted more seeds.

Foxy Ferox the aloe is still blooming, doing a minimalist colour thing against the antique coral walls now that nights are warm enough to move her outside again.

Winter is in the gutters

Spring things push against their fetters.

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