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Spicy. Saucy

Much time this week was given over to processing batches of spicy spaghetti sauce

Tomatoes, especially the Black Prince were discovered to be splitting badly after the deluge of monsoon rains of the past week.

I had to harvest quickly or lose a lot. As it was a fair number succumbed to the storm and now are fulfilling a destiny to enhance the soil by becoming compost

Everything in this sauce, except for 3 bay leaves and a couple of tablespoons of tamari, was grown at the #6thavenueshala .

Chile pepper warmth comes from a random selection from the Milagro chile pantry where plants seemed to have shrugged off the storm and are producing well. The lovely thing about chile peppers is one can use them green, or allow them to hang out on the plants, or dry them for later. Peppers are definitely one of my favourite crops. Serrano, Havasu, Poblano/Ancho and Cayenne are looking good for featuring in next years planting plan. Sweet peppers aren’t really my thing. I am underwhelmed by their performance in the Milagro chile pantry this season.

Lovely flavor comes from red onions (a spring community garden exchange score - I wouldn't normally grow onions), Thai and purple basil (which always goes muddy green in my gardens) and loads of garlic.

Hopefully this week’s stash of 12 jars, now frozen, will warm up some winter meals.

According to my internet research, frozen spaghetti sauce is good for 4-6 months. I wish I could anticipate sharing them with house guests at the dark side of the year, but sadly the pesky pandemic has me thinking not.

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