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Second generation

The self seeded Cosmos Bipinnatus certainly are doing some interesting things.

Not only are they flowering much shorter than the 3 ft tall last year’s edition, (sown from a random seed packet), but they are offering a dazzling array of variations on the magenta through pink to white theme.

Dark centers, outlined petals: I will take them all and thank the pollinators for a job well done.

In the old country, in gardens past, I used to select for the deepest magenta. This array, unselected, self sown, receiving water three times a week with the kale and collards, is currently an unplanned delight in a corner of the outback against the boundary wall.

That’s self sown Hopi Red Dye amaranth providing a wonderful deep burgundy interest. I’m probably never going to be free of amaranth now but I don’t mind.

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