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Pollinator Party

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The pollinators had a party in the garden this autumn equinox.

More butterflies than I can identify.

Fuzzy, buzzy bees everywhere, sometimes tangling in my hair if I surprise them.

Zinnias, marigolds, calendula and Tithonia (Mexican Sunflowers) seem to be currently offering the main feasting sites in the back. On the east side lantana is a huge draw for all kinds of winged ones - small lemon yellow butterflies, small white butterflies, small wasps and bees, large hummingbird moths. Everyone is invited. Sometimes they jostle one another for access to the best blooms.

The hacienda kitchen is an observation deck for Pollinator World. The wild jungle of brilliantly coloured flowers blooming above the asparagus realizes purpose.

A patient little Inca Dove (Columbina Inca) reminds me to top up the water in the birdbath, though she seems quite content to settle down to dream a while in the sun. This species love basking in the morning sun, I have noticed.

An equinox of wing and prayer at the hacienda.

Gratitude to these essential workers.

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