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Pleasing peas

Autumn maestro pea planting is looking good.

I am so happy to see these strong sprouts marching along besides the repurposed tomato trellising.

The seed was 5 years old but germination looks to be excellent - estimate 90- 100% .

For gardening in the desert Southwest, I highly recommend Native Seed Search, a Tucson, Arizona, based seed saving nonprofit dictated to the conservation of arid adapted crops. That said, many of their seeds perform well in short season or high desert situations as well.

This seed was originally purchased when I was trying to establish community gardening in the high desert Four Corners area, adapting myself after living and gardening in the tropical rainforest climate zone of a volcano dominated island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After a 365 day growing season, high desert agriculture required a steep learning curve. I like to think I am much more earthed, grounded now, in the requirements of enchantment and the northern Chihuahuan desert.

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