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Perennial gifts from the garden

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

White perennial petunias are perfuming the hacienda from the household altar today.

I had to discipline the exuberance this morning, as they were wanting to smother the sweet peppers.

I’m not sure exactly what these plants are. They volunteered last year in the Milagro Rainbow Cornfield area of the garden, flower in shades of purple and white, survived a hard cutting back in winter and seem very at home at #6thavenueshala

I will just call them wild petunia until I know better.

Using a plant identification app, I might just have identified these as Petunia axillaris night scented white petunias or white moon petunias. Native to South America. Members solanaceae family (yup related to tomatoes, chile, eggplant, potatoes and wait for it nicotania aka tobaccos)

The petunias sold at garden centers are apparently hybrids of this white petunia axillaris and a purple one Petunia integrifolia which might also be the purple petunia which has come up all by itself in the Milagro Rainbow Cornfield. Petunia integrigolia is an hallucinogen giving one powers of levitation and flight. Not that I’m going volunteer myself as the crash test dummy.

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