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Pea green boats and going to sea on a sunflower

Updated: 7 days ago

Today’s haul of sugar snap peas was gobbled up quickly before the owl and the pussycat could get ideas about vessels for a (possibly illicit - I mean do their families know?) ocean tryst.

With the weather warming up, the harvest of succulent, sweet snap peas from the January planting is probably coming to an end. The peas are also no longer the only game in town, in this section of garden, that is.

Regular watering has the bird-sown sunflowers dwarfing even the house right now, providing welcome cooling shade, especially to the south facing front room.

The sea of sunflowers also shields the front porch giving me privacy while I do the important work of watching Turtleback Mountain keeping watch over me. Someone has to do it.

Scan the sky for signs of rain, I mean.

Nada. Again. Not a cloud, just that infinite, impossible blue.

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1 Comment

7 days ago

Once again - beautiful photos. Brilliant yellow against infinite, impossible blue!

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