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Over the hills and not far away

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

With temperatures in the hundreds (Fahrenheit) all this week, I took a little drive into Gila National Forest in the Black (Diablo) mountain range. I never get tired of the view from the Emory Pass overlook. It is always 20 degrees cooler up there so a favourite place for me to wander when we are sweltering in the Rio Grande river valley lowlands.

At eight in the morning the sun had been up a few hours and there was an elusive, sweet perfume on the air. Maybe from the oaks flowering?

Or maybe from wildflowers various?

Whatever it was, as I walked a little bit along a pine needle path through the trees, every now and then glimpsing the blue flash of jays, the scent changed to sun warmed, woodsy pine.

A Rumi question which I had read earlier in the morning was on my mind:

Why hold on to just one life till it is filthy and threadbare? The sun dies eternally and wastes a thousand lives each instant.

Then I drove down the other side to get some groceries and brunch in the food co-op in Silver City. I also stopped by The Pink Store North to pick up a handful of small 2 inch Mexican tiles and an elegant Tia Catrina to further my bathroom project.

In a thrift store, I scored an amazing vintage mannequin for $2 .

The new-to-me Madame X, is perfect to display the caps I make from upcycled thrift store cotton, denim, hemp and linen store clothing. Her first outing was to the rather hot Saturday farmers market.

A basket of the first of the 2023 garlic harvest was also on offer this Saturday. A random member of the great USA public told me it couldn't be garlic because of the longish stalks which I have left on this really fresh garlic, for ease of handling during the curing and preparation for storage and marketing process. Sigh.

I am really grateful for my market booth site with unimpeded views over the Rio Grande and up to Turtleback Mountain and the unclouded (on this day) impossible blue dome of sky. I am also proud of myself for learning to put up the market canopy by myself, and with a broken arm. I really need the shade. Last year, the city, in its dubious wisdom, removed all the trees from this section of the park. They were Rio Grande cottonwoods, for the most part, so native to the area . But they do drop leaves in autumn, you know.

The view of the mountain soothes me when I begin to wonder about the education and general knowledge of the average person on the streets of the USA.

The khadi wala did okay this market, while almost all the (stalked) garlic sold, along with all the packets of calendula flowers which have been drying on the table since spring.

Why hold on to just one life till it is filthy and threadbare?

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