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Ojo Caliente de las Palomas

I don’t know what the pre-European contact name was, but in the 1400s the Spanish called the place where I live Ojo Caliente de las Palomas (Hotsprings of the Doves).

I am surrounded by doves most days.

On Thursday Jan 7th, as the United States reeled in the reality of a civil war, I really appreciated the doves who seemed to draw closer and linger longer by me.

A little Inca dove waited on the birdbath while I prepared food in the kitchen.

Later a ring necked dove sat on the warm straw of a garden bed alongside my yoga mat, for the entire 45 minute yoga practice that afternoon.

Surrounded by doves literally and metaphorically, I feel we will get through this. Let peace prevail and let it begin with me.

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