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Notes on a living pantry

A walkthrough of the garden yielded a Madhu Ras melon, a purple sweet pepper and a Jing orange okra pod.

In spite of the squash bugs, and my disastrous war on them, which killed two of the strongest vines, I am eating Madhu Ras melon daily now. The vines on the cow panel trellis along the front are coming into their own.

I did notice that the recent monsoon storm or two have caused some splitting of fruit. Ants are loving the sweet juicy feast at the grinning melon mouths.

When I cut the melons, I save the seeds. Though they are small, these melons are packed with seeds in an easily scooped out cavity in the center.

After they are sundried, the best looking, fattest seeds go into my personal seed bank for future seasons, and the rest will be roasted and eaten either as is, sprinkled on top of stews or added to veggie patties.

Melon seeds, like pumpkin seeds, are really nutritious. I am constantly surprised at people throwing this delicious source of vitamins, minerals and protein away.

The purple bell pepper came in because I needed to use up the last of the hummus made a week ago, and what better way to eat hummus, than on strips of sweet pepper?

Okra is picked when small, almost daily at this time of year, before the pod gets woody and fibrous, and to encourage the plant to keep on flowering.

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