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Not just for the birds

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Here at the 6th Avenue Shala we are equal opportunity.

When it comes to encounters with ice at the frozen morning bird bath, we do not discriminate.

We let anyone in: the little grey tufted ones, which might be Juniper Titmouse (titmice?) and which, though we think they are beautiful, an ornithology website calls "the plainest bird in North America", doves - 3 varieties - not for nothing was the place called "Ojos Calientes De Las Palomas," by the Spanish adapted, it is said from the local indigenous peoples, probably Apache, name which, some accounts have it, was a version of "the place of cottonwoods where doves gather". The latter being the most salient, in my opinion: doves still gather in cottonwoods if the outback of 6th Avenue Shala is anything to go by.

LBJs LBJs and more LBJs ...

And felines.

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