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‘N Boer Maak ‘N Plan

Gem squash have germinated!

In the process of searching for seed of this quintessential South African summer squash - so much tastier than the watery zucchini- I discovered The Seedstead.

Out of Colorado, they are an heirloom seed company specializing in South African/African heritage and heirloom seeds.

For companionship in terms of origins, I planted African Premier bush beans (for dried beans) in front of the gem squash which I am hoping to train up a cattle panel trellis against the south facing front stone house wall.

The plan is that the trellised gem squash will provide natural cooling and greening for that front room during the hottest months. Gems seem ideal for trellising because they are smaller in size when ready for harvest - think tennis ball or baseball.

Trellised summer squash seemed the quickest way to get seasonal green insulation onto this wall. I haven’t discounted a grape vine in the long term though.

The hardest part was getting the 16 foot cattle panels from the feed store to the 6th Avenue Shala. I bought 4 for my trellis projects various. They were heavy and kinda hung off both ends of Janis truck but ‘n boer maak ‘n plan, né.

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