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Moonstoried on rooftops mostly

Updated: May 20, 2022

Because there is so much smoke from wildfires in our atmosphere, this month’s full moonrise courted the drama, foreshadowing the eclipse.

I watched the huge golden orb rise from the great vantage point of the flat rooftop of the adobe section of the hacienda.

And then the shadowing as sun, earth and moon began their dance of alignment.

By magical chance, I managed to score the rooftop hotsprings tub at the historic Charles Hotsprings for the hour of total eclipse of the moon.

Pale night birds swooped under clear stars, while the blood red shadowed moon looked on as I floated in the exquisitely hot mineral hotsprings water.

Just as gradually as the shadowing, the silver moonlight came back.

This morning, from the garden, I watched her, huge and wholly golden again, setting behind the mesquite and yucca.

Another Flower Moon achieved.

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