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Monsoon mornings

It is 82 (27 C) degrees at 6 am as the sun fires up the sky and going-to-seed sunflowers droop at the prospect of another scorching day.

Though clouds build daily, and humidity has increased, so far monsoon season has brought only 0.2 inches of rain delivered in 5 minutes in one brief overnight storm, where my roof leaked again in all the old places and a new one too. Sigh.

Once again it seems I have paid a lot of money to yet another carnophalloegocentric male masquerading as a building contractor to not fix my roof. 5 years ago the entire house was reroofed. It should not be leaking this way but it is because of the incompetence of males with too much testosterone, and not enough knowledge, skill, experience or conscience. There are way too many of them around, it seems.

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