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Monsoon gifts

A monsoon rain wet garden meant I haven’t been harvesting for a few days. Today, after the sun came out and dried everything, I ventured out with my harvesting scissors to discover a rainbow of beautiful colours:

There were three kinds of tomatoes: an enormous Cherokee purple all crinkled and curvy which I will savor raw, masses of San Marzano plums (spaghetti sauce from some of those) and more little golden yellow grape tomatoes than I could fit in the bowl. Actually there were five varieties of tomato offering ripe fruit today, but I ate all the sweet red cherries and a dainty pink (gift from a neighbour) straight from the bushes.

A good haul of sweet peppers: green, purple and creamy yellow, will mostly go into Haitian pikliz which I’m making to honour all those who died in the recent earthquake.

Cayenne, Thai and Fresno hot chile peppers will be dried or contribute heat to the pikliz, veggie curry and tomato sauce.

Jing orange okra, green beans and gem squash will probably become a coconut milk curry.

Another good haul of cowpeas, Lima beans and Appaloosa beans will be shelled for winter meals.

The earth and recent monsoon storms are assuring that I eat well. I am grateful.

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